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The decision what and where to study is always a big one. Students require detailed information regarding programmes, courses and the best options available for their set of skills.In many cases they and their families are seeking for the advice of studies or career consultant. Among other requirements to the agent, location and accessibility is one of the most important ones.


Through e-Counselling agents can guide their students irrespectively of their location or time thereby expanding their business reach and broadening diversity. One-to-one e-Counselling replaces physical consultations. Reaching monthly targets could not have been made any easier than this, no door-to-door canvassing or printing posters. The agent can promote his services digitally and connect with interested students via e-Counselling with just a few clicks and reaching a large number of students in a short period of time.

The student also benefits equally from this by not having to travel to the agent's location and getting all the required information and guidance within the comfort of their home.

Get More Benefits

e-Counselling tool transfers daily office counselling into more advanced virtual one. Even though e-Counselling platform is designed for education/career consultant - student one-to-one interaction, it may be applied by university's admission officers or anyone else for personal consultations.

Save Time And Money

e-Counselling eliminates from physical travelling to agent's office, traffic jams, waiting in the reception room and many other hassles. Even though it is one-to-one counselling, but a family member is also welcome to join.

Enhance Reach And Audience

e-Counselling allows long-distance consultations which otherwise would be impossible. Win-win situation: a student may consult a recommended, prestigious counsellor while an agent increases the number of clients.

Communicate Easily

e-Counselling ensures that interactivity is just as good as it would be on physical consultations. You can see each other, share presentations, documents, computer screen, write notes and even record it.

Mobile Friendly

Our platform supports all mobile devices allowing convenient and conventional communications.

Network Security

You need not worry about technical issues or network security since technical team is available 24/7.

For Agents/Counsellors

Be In Front Of Competitors

e-Counselling is a new way of doing and expanding business, reaching new clients outside your geographical area, being more flexible and attractive to the millennial generation.

Plan And Be Informed

e-Counselling is synchronised with your e-calendar to keep up with all the day's plans, appointments and contacts. The appointments plan may be shared with the colleagues in the office. Access the appointment notes and statistics even after some time to evaluate your efficiency.

Relocate Your Budget

e-Counselling gives a freedom to rethink your budget and save on office expenses, especially if you are expanding: frees from additional private consultation rooms, noise in the reception hall, allow the counsellors to work from home, choose more flexible time schedule.

For Students

Remove Geographical Boundaries

e-Counselling allows you to contact with the agent whom your friend from another city recommended. Neither you nor your parents need to travel to be consulted, especially if your forget some important questions after the first meeting.

Optimum Decision

Get more value by e-visiting several agencies at the same amount of time, getting more options for your studies choice to make an optimum decision based on all the information gathered.

How to use?

It can't be simpler than to have one-to-one e-consultation with .

If you are A Counsellor

Step 1

Register & Login

Step 2

Create Profile

Step 3

Schedule counselling sessions, Invite student(s); Synchronise with e-calendar

Step 4

Conduct counselling session(s), Share screen; Include video and ppt material

Step 5

Follow up , Generate statistics; Access student's contacts

If you are A Student

Step 1

Register & Login

Step 2

Get the list of available counsellors

Step 3

Fix appointment Synchronise with e-calendar

Step 4

Attend the session Share the screen; Send documents; Make notes

Step 5

Keep up with counsellor after Add inquiries; Send documents; Get brochures

Our Clients

Our clients from different regions of the world- educators, agents, service providers - emphasize the ease of using the e-recruitment tools even without deep virtual conferencing experience. had been a great relief in the student recruitment world where technology plays a vital role in business development and achieving the targets.


We take the privilege of bringing this user friendly platform to all our clients with utmost efficiency and a technical proficient backend team to make the best use of this for all our clients. Try it for free!